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Wednesday, April 03, 2013 | 2:42 am | Comment ⇢
A little post explaining why I'm so crazy about being anonymous.

1. Asians are crazy. They we like gossiping and speculating like nobody's business. This is prevalent especially in the older self righteous generation. They like seeing speculative things, speculating and showing up parents and guardians and general families of the ones they speculate about. This can go to deep levels and cause chaotic repercussions because us Asians have a flair for drama. Nothing like this has happened to me Alhamdullilah but I've it it once, or twice where my profile picture was of me with a black friend and two of my aunts went running to my mum about it, one asked who it was (obviously trying to stir shit up and make my mum all suspicious that it was my man) while another helpfully decided to explain the dangers of letting her daughter loose (of course she would know best, despite having two sons and no daughter to raise ...). This was minor because my mum isn't crazy. But people still like talking smack and you kinda have to play by the rules.

2. I like being able to give me 100% opinion and thoughts out, which sometimes maybe controversial and/or hurtful to others (i.e bitching). Yeah I know thats haram too but meh I'd rather talk about an unknown person and how to annoy me to the random web who don't know me or the characters .. rather then having it known what I think, it going around people, going back to the person it concerns, them getting annoyed, etc. Lols the better thing to do would be to just stop bitching (working on it) but I like having options. I also like being able to be stupid, silly, etc. without people being able to judge me. I can usually only do this and be truly myself with a few select people, but sometimes you want to enjoy the silliness, have it out there for you to come back and enjoy later (see previous post). I can just be myself without holding back .. well ...

3. I once heard of this girl who was getting married but then few days before her wedding, her vindictive ex got a bunch of their old pictures, letters, etc. and went and showed it to the future husband and the guy and his family got totally mad and broke off the wedding. Yeah I guess an easy way out would be to just not get into relationship and avoid the haram (I'm anti anyway, for my own sanity) but I'm still worried that some guy I innocently spoke to can twist and manipulate that weird Asian ego and like try and damage my reputation. Alhamdullilah I try to avoid reputation damaging activities anyway but this itself has a different definition to different individuals so ..

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