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Smexy Stats
Sunday, January 06, 2013 | 8:37 pm | Comment ⇢
Contrary to what mother (and every other delusional statistician out there) likes to think .. statistics isn't sexy. Nor is smexy. As in, smexy isn't sexy .. which is why I used that word to describe stats. What does smexy mean? Like I know :/

ANYHOO. So I randomly (heh) looked at my stats .. since I've been a bit concerned over the kind of vocab I end up favouring as it leads to certain sites sending me visitors I really don't have tissue papers for (more in this post). But .. it was a nice surprise:

1. So to my Russian visitors, Рада тебя видеть! Just thought I'd let you know that I spend some of my life thinking about sexy Russians called Nikolai who think they are Estonian but like same difference so whatevs :D (that whole equating Russia to Estonia is a joke .. cos you know .. obviously they aren't the same .. and its a little bit like saying Bangladesh and Pakistan is the same which it so totally ISN'T .. just clearing it up!)

2. To my sexy nerd Linux visitors, I LOVE YOU. Seriously, I have a thaaang for ya'll (and since I'm one too, I've got a thaaang for me too). Thought I'd let you know, though this probably won't get me any nerdie points, my current Linux flavour is Luninux OS. Yeah I know, I know, its based on Ubuntu (kind of yuck) & even though I'm a Fedora loving yum(my) at heart, I just couldn't find many aesthetically pleasing remixes that worked on my netbook (Fuduntu is one, and its awesome .. I just wanted a change!).

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