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New Year, New Look.
Sunday, January 06, 2013 | 8:19 pm | Comment ⇢
Last template was a bit drab. This is fun and colourful yet slightly grown up (a tad bit) like me :)

Hope it doesn't hurt anyone's eyes :P

[Old people, I'm looking at us ^] 

On Sunday, January 06, 2013, Blogger That Girl wrote:

⇢ I actually love this layout! I think it shows that you have an exciting personality lol.

Hope you're well insha'Allah. I've missed your posts and am so glad you're blogging again!

On Monday, January 07, 2013, Blogger lil-bee wrote:

⇢ Thank you Miss K :D

I'm good Alhamdullilah .. just suffering from the non-life all post graduates suffer from :P how are you?

PS - I totally got myself a 5 year journal and its taking WEEKS to deliver -___-

On Monday, January 07, 2013, Blogger Nas wrote:

⇢ Blimey! Isn't that bright!

On Monday, January 07, 2013, Blogger lil-bee wrote:

⇢ Like my personalityyyy? Haha, I like it :) fell in love with the background the instant I found it!

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