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I've got the brain of a 7 year old boy ..
Thursday, January 10, 2013 | 3:46 am | Comment ⇢
I ordered some stuff from the organ black market but clearly they've got the packages mixed up and sent me the wrong delivery.

LOL. See ^ that right there is proof of the post title. I swear my average level of maturity and my sense of humour can only be described by equating it to a brain of a 7 year old boy (except I know my way around things ;D) .... and its frickin awesome.

I laugh at the most random (teehee) things .. and sometimes even at inappropriate times. For the most part, its pretty darn amazing because it means I get amused very easily throughout the day and laughter makes you happy right & Alhamdullilah I think I've laughed pretty much every single day of my life (even during 'tragedies', I'll probably make a joke and laugh loudly to it).

Unfortunately I don't have a lady-like laugh. I have a spastic laugh with various pitches .. well its mostly high like my voice, but I do this weird continuous laugh and I laugh whilst breathing so it sounds like high-pitched-laugh:reverse-breathe-in-laugh:breathe-out-laugh:continuation-of-high-pitched-laugh with occasional suck-in-deep-breath:continue-laugh. Its not cute, its not girly and its very very obviously. Ah well, I get a lot of laughs out at least. In fact, I've noticed that the laughier friends among my peers also have distinguished laughs .. maybe it means we enjoy our laughter more openly :P

I also do this Asian uncle thing of hitting other people when I'm laughing. Its not like a SMACK tourettes kind of thing but more of a table banging kind of thing. Except usually I bang my legs and other people's arms / backs when laughing. Its pretty innate and I don't even realise I'm doing it, its like a reflex or something. Like I remember my Indian friend, right after a joke and my weird laughter, made a funny comment about how I hit people when I laugh like his old Indian uncles .. and (he must have said it in a funny way or whatever, I can't remember what was said but my hits were mentioned) I swear to you, without even realising, I went into laughing fits and hit him whilst telling him (as much as my continuous laugh cycle allowed) that I totally didn't do that *SMACH HAHA SMACK*

Buuuuut .. being as great as it is for me, a lot of people just don't get it. When I get into a laughing fit (which happens more often than not), its like REALLY hard for me to constrain and I've had people legit believe that I'm into drugs or something .. even at university!

-> LONG reminiscent story ahead <-

A few years ago during my A levels, there were around 6 or so of us (this was a private tuition kind of college) at our lesson with a naive funny kind of teacher. He had some phrases he'd repeat and a funny way of shaking his head and body when he got too into a moment and wanted to get back to the lesson with the class. Anyway, he was pretty cool and I was his #1 student out of all the other classes (not even trying to front LOL .. who does that, trying to pretend to be a teachers pet LOL) .. something all the other students knew too (I knew they knew through the casual teasing and one angry brush off by some ego-boy after our test marks were returned). I'm not rambling, all these points link up okay? Anyway so we're in class one afternoon, and this was close to our exams (I think we had a few weeks or so left) and I can't remember anything except this one guy Nick kept making jokes that weren't really jokes .. they were more like comments / statements that had a slight question element which he was addressing to our teacher, Mr P but actually throwing it out there for our benefits (okay, that last line is a bit jumbled up .. but I hope it makes sense still?!). Anyhow .. they were just really stupid obscure things (I can't remember most of them but I remember one comment which stemmed from Mr P randomly saying 'half Afro-Carribeans' and Nick going somewhere along the lines of - what do you mean, they've got half Afros? I'd like to come across these half Afro Caribbeans who  walk around with half Afros, etc; and Mr P, bless him, just didn't get it and went all shaky with frustration because duh how can Nick not know about half Afro Caribbeans in London .....) and I swear I just got into a laughing fit for the entire last 40 minutes of the lesson (yes really) ... to a point where I literally had tears coming out of my eyes and I actually fell from my chair / kept slipping off it and by the end was sitting on the floor laughing with my hands over my face (it wasn't a pretty sight ya see .. or err .. don't see?). Man ... even now I can remember that day .. I don't think I've ever laughed that hard in my life. Mr P, bless him, he FINALLY noticed that I was on the floor and got really concerned and mid-laugh I had to tell him that all the exam pressure had gotten to me and that I was having a nervous break down, hence the laughter. He actually believed me I think (like I said, #1 student and he'd forgive me anything sooo) and was completely clueless about what Nick was saying. And okay, it wasn't particularly funny and Nick was obviously egging me on .. I just couldn't stop laughing (maybe to do with having a wee bit of crush on Nick which I think he knew about) but I just couldn't stop. But it was well worth it though :') good times.

Anywell .. I completely got sucked back into that time (it was easier times back then) and totally forgot what point I was making :/ oh yeah .. so yup, people just don't get me and think I've got some drug problems man, I swear. Verrrry few people get my humour completely (I think only one or two in my lifetime .. who aren't necessarily in my life atm) and others think I'm a bit of a freak .. sad times :( I've had the most amount of fun laughing with people who got me (and so were crazy laughers themselves) because the laughter kind of fuelled both of us on, generating more laughter. But I'd still take that laughing at everything over having a cute occasional laugh any day bro!

Oh .. why did I get into all of this? Well my friend posted this picture:

And its funny .. but I guess not really that funny huh? But I just found it SO high-larious that I was actually laughing out loud, at 3:02 am, for a proper 47 seconds (which if you time it, is actually a lot when you are trying to control laugh at 3:02 am FYI). Like I can actually hear the boy saying it in my head (I'm a lefty .. all imaginative and shit) and I'm actually getting giggle-fits as I write this right now! 

My dad said I laugh like an asthmatic hyena, which made me laugh even more .. and he was all like you better not scare away the potentials with your laugh and oh gosh .. me laughing (pretty inevitable) is NOT a pretty sight to hear or see :/ I even laughed when a really close (at the time) friend told me she tried to off herself (thankfully she was semi-crazy and got me and wasn't offended) .. sheesh .. maybe I do have a problem (with the laugher, or plain 'ol hypochondria). 

Sheesh, maybe I need to shut up and go to sleep!

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