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Monday, August 29, 2011 | 7:00 am | Comment ⇢
I know its almost over, but I thought I'd share my Ramadan Routine and ask you what yours is :)

So basically the moon got sighted and the first fast is tomorrow (after Taraweeh tonight) .. so what do we do?

Well after praying and all obviously, me and my boy cousins stay up till Suhoor which is till around 4:20ish now and than we pray. We find it easier to stay up than go to sleep and wake up again, and also you can't eat much after just waking up so ..

I've had this messed up sleeping pattern for AGES now though. It started after I came back from America, partly because of jetlag, and someone something else and so I'd be up till like 6 am most nights and go to sleep till like the afternoon. This got worse during exam time when I'd do all nighters and be up for 51 hours at a time max (back to back exams) .. bad times. Anyway, its something thats still with me and now a days I'm up till like 8 am (though this extended to 12 pm when I first discovered The Sims and a state of no sleep the day before my flight) and then I wake up in the afternoon for Zuhr.

This system is proper messing up my skin. Well I think its the sleeping .. and lack of water. Cos my once perfect (mashAllah) skin is now resembling a connect the dot board game. :( seriously, before I'd get like 1 or 2 spots every other month, and now I've got like literally 81 spots on my face (marks) with like 7 or 8 active spots. Ugh, annoying :(

Anyhow, so what is / was your RR? Let me know :)

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