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Seducing me to sleep with him
Friday, May 27, 2011 | 10:26 pm | Comment ⇢
My bed <3

Haha. Omg, so I'm waiting for Isha prayers before I finally go to sleep .. seriously my bed is like a stranger to me and I'm getting a bit excited that I'm finally giving in to his advances after two whole days (I last slept on the 25th of May). Seriously, specially around 4 am, he does this come hither look .. only I know how I've controlled myself.

Okay okay, so I 'napped' for an hour or so. But c'mon now, I know I bring this upon myself with the whole last minute crap but this will be a long long night haha :D

See, how I've still not forgotten you? Anyway, I'm slowly rediscovering my love for writing (crap lol).

Also, this lack of sleep makes me act and feel proper drunk. I think I may have mentioned this before, but I go into full on hyper-activity / high. I was severely embarrassing my friend with my antics earlier today :D bless her, she was so blushing, because people kept looking over :D

My take .. who cares?! Its not like I know these people, or they know me .. so it doesn't matter what they think!

Anyway, I asked her if I act / feel this way due to the lack of oxygen going to my head .. and she said its because after all that stress (I have THE worst pre-exam jitters in this world. Okay after my cousin, who apparently throws up because of his nervousness, tschh) I have this adrenaline rush and also relief after the end of the exam and so this translates to a feeling of uncontrollable high. I think she's right. There goes my ideas of staying up all night and than going clubbing the next night to generate drunken feelings of not-bothered and intense fun having?!

Two things:

1. While waiting in queue at Yo Sushi, my friend was telling me how I'm drunk and drugged. So I loudly exclaimed in my hyper-activity .. OMG like double D! I honestly did not realize what I had said. Seriously, I guess I'm just this bad with all my innuendos that even when not trying, thats all that ever comes out o.O

2. So I think I'm a generally nice, giggly, smiley person. Not usually when I'm on my own - I have that solitary lone wolf pissed off look down pretty well ;) I think .. but anyway so on the train today, I had my eyes closed and head leaned against the wall when I remembered something funny and got like a HUGE grin on my face. And my grins are really noticeable. Because my cheeks pop out like some hamster eating cookies (yes, really). So anyway I opened my eyes and found this woman standing near me (I was sitting down) giving me the most dirtiest looks ever. WOW, bitch much. Yeah I'm happy .. so?!

Anyway .. ah my friend kept saying to me: "you're getting niceeeely checked out" .. and its not just what she said, but the way she said it. I dunno, I can't explain it, but its such a H thing to say. Aww I love her :D and in reply, being the cocky prick that I am .. I said: "I have so many people checking me out that I've stopped noticing" .. followed by "Astagfirullah" hahaha :D except than she said: "whatever you know you love it". I guess my blushing / popping (I swear my cheeks are replacing the whole popping and locking dance genre -.- ) gave me away.

But love it or not, I do tend to notice when people are blatantly checking me out, like today .. and there were lots of them. And unfortunately, when I'm not feeling good, this makes me uncomfortable. Like today, I had CRAZY hair and shit skin / face and clothes. Um hello, its exam time. So I kept thinking what, is something wrong with my face?!

Man, I guess I'm just THAT hot ;) or all that crazy hair, clothes and hyper-activeness just activated people's survival instincts and they looked at me warily as the crazy hysterical freak. Oh well :D

And its finally time for Isha! I'm going to go pray .. and than sleepy sleep with my sexy sexy bed :D I love you Ikea :P hope you guys enjoy this post / it makes sense .. at my current DD state, I don't quite know if it will :O

Muchos lurve x

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