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Sunday, May 29, 2011 | 2:52 pm | Comment ⇢
Okay okay, so I forgot to blog yesterday. Cry me a river o.O lol .. okay its not totally true, I remembered while sitting in front of my computer, doing what I don't remember. And I was feeling disgustingly sleepy, and I thought I'd post something just to say .. hey I'm alive. In case you thought I died, in like a day?

Anyhow. Whats done is done is done.

I must be really stressing out with my exams, because my face looks like a connect the dots board game. And alhamdullilah, I don't really get spots. I'm hoping this means I've filled in my quota for the year, and I'll be spot free for the rest of the year (lol lol, as if ..)

So getting back on topic. I'm sort of in a predicament about the end of year party at my university. See, I HATE clubbing. Seriously seriously hate it. Don't get me wrong, I almost always lock myself inside my room, blast the music and dance away, but clubs are usually full of weirdo men and crazy-aggressive women drunks .. and its just not my scene.

But I'm a social butterfly, and I've sort of been in a cocoon this whole year, so I've barely seen anyone. And end of year parties are nice, just to see everyone and take photographs to plaster all over facebook so my ex thinks I have a life (haha, joke. I would never have my ex on FB o.O).

And last year we had so much fun at the party. Like, just so many memories to look back at and go awe. And this is our age to get those memories right? My close group, we usually go to someone's flat and get ready in a sort of pre-party ritual. Than we go to the party. Jam with each other, see our other friends, take photographs, general memory banking stuff. Than we come back to said flat and jam till the first trains, and make some more memories.

I don't usually go out during the year. Well not to all these club type events. But I make an exception at the EOYP (end of year party) ... BUT, well .. I'm not a huge fan of clubs. The only reason why EOYP is tempting is because I get to see all my friends. That being said, in my recent move to become more spiritual, I don't think I should go. See, thats my predicament, because I really want to go, but I really don't want to go. And I've gained a lot of weight (and spots) during exam season, so that gives me more reasons not to go.

But, and I truly believe this, and told my parents so too .. even if I go, I know I won't do anything 'bad' i.e unIslamic. Okay okay, so clubbing an all that is totally haram, but relativity. I know I don't have any bad haram intentions of drinking / getting with guys, etc. I'll be with my girls. And Idk. See I'm like a yo-yo.

Maybe I'll go. Maybe I won't. Maybe I'll just go to the pre-party and than just come home and have a marathon so I don't keep thinking that I'm missing out. Or go to sleep. Or pray. We'll see ...

I still have an exam to take care of, and afterwards I'll go on a detox diet and maybe lose my extra S&P (spots and pounds).

PS - how AMAZING was the Barcelona vs. Man.Utd final?! Messi is such an adorable and lovable dork :D

Muchos lurve x

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