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God Damn Tech
Sunday, May 29, 2011 | 3:11 pm | Comment ⇢
Don't you just hate when you spend ages typing something up and than your stupid computer says opps error. And your like nooooooo .. but thankfully I didn't lose my post. Hurray :D

Also, kids kids kids. Its nice that new people are discovering my blog (thought now I feel like I need to filter .. I probably won't .. you have been warned) but seriously, I can't discover you back unless you leave me an address!

<- people on the tag board. No, I don't want to to increase traffic in the highway of my life. Please stop spamming. And stop leaving me comments in Malay. I don't speak it! And how will I check your website out, if you don't leave a link?! I'm not psychic ...

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