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Holy Guacamole
Sunday, May 29, 2011 | 3:14 pm | Comment ⇢
I swear, I've posted three times today, so I'm done for yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

Anyway, so because I'm such an immature oldie, I end up having loads of younger friends, and than I don't realize how old I am, till you talk numbers. Like recently, this friend of mine got all charming and flirty, and I was like hahaha stop it kid. And than I found out how much more older I am .. 7 fricking years?! Jail-bait much?!

And no, I don't fancy him. And I haven't done anything stupid or jail-time worthy. But still .. WOW I'm old.

Off another tangent, I'm trying to convince my mum to take care of me till 2014 because I don't want to get married before I finish my masters .. and I don't really think its auspicious to marry in the year 2013. She keeps laughing in my face when I tell her to give me time, and I have to keep reminding her not to be a hypocrite because she didn't get married till 26, half way through her PhD. But eh, whatever is in my fate. Maybe I'll end up getting married in a year, who knows?!

Tangent 3 is .. about my summer plans. Okay not all of it, but one thing I really really want to do it super organize from scratch my room and also give it a paint make over! I want to have bright and funky colors, and yes I said colors because I want a feature wall ... lets do this!

Tangent 4 (the final hurdle) is about releasing my creative outlet. I'm going to hopefully get some videos which I've been meaning (and asked) to do for a long long time. And I also need to concentrate on improving my photography and going on random photograph trips through London.

And that is all. For now. Because I should really go pray, and than watch some trash TV before my mum comes back :D

Auf weidersehen!

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