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The good in the bad
Sunday, May 29, 2011 | 3:59 pm | Comment ⇢
So I'm so happy that LJ started his silly little games from the start, because it really really put me off him .. and thats a GREAT thing. Because I shouldn't be on silly little twats in the first place. And he doesn't deserve me because I'm SO MUCH MORE BETTER!

Yeah, I'm a cocky bastard. And I love it :D

Also, how un-Islamic to get with an LJ?! How un-Islamic to get with anyone though .. I'm so glad I've got H in my life to guide me .. cos I think her goodness is rubbing off on me :D

Which brings me to my next point .. some of my friends, not my close ones, but the other ones .. are getting a bit uncomfortable around me with my new found spirituality.

Can I just say .. I'm EXACTLY the same person. I'm just trying to make some changes here and there in regards to what I do, or don't do. It doesn't mean I'm judging you. It doesn't mean you have to be scared about talking to me how we used to. It doesn't mean a thing. My religion is a personal and private thing. It doesn't concern you .. so seriously stop acting weird! :(

I guess when I'm happily gushing about being spiritual, I'm just happy with myself. It doesn't mean I'm looking down on you .. because really, thats just completely un-Islamic if I did.

Idk. I guess I'm just sad that people are perceiving me in that way. I am who I am. But I guess if are uncomfortable, you didn't really know me as well as you should have, being my friend. And its also a bit annoying that my guy 'friends' are all oh your boring. What, were you only friends with me in the hopes of scoring in my pants one day?!

Tschh. >.>

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