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Tuesday, May 31, 2011 | 2:18 pm | Comment ⇢
1. So aforementioned friend apparently broke up with his girlfriend. Okay all good, because I think thats what they needed. Than he goes on about how he needs to get screwed. Okay, be safe I suppose? I don't know what else I was meant to say ... :S also, found it a bit weird that he bounced back after being in such a bad place. He also keeps mentioning that he really needs someone. I'm like okay. Thinking to myself that someone isn't me .. that someone will never ever be me. After a while he again asks me to come over. WTF, what part of NO doesn't he understand?! I said no again, obviously .. and tried to explain that being with her or not wouldn't change my decision. I haven't been waiting for me or anything -.- sheesh such a ponce!

2. The other arse prat that I said I'd elaborate later on? The one who was a total twat to me, and than sort of something happened and I totally gained power back? Well I think he understood the shift in dynamics and him losing .. so now he refuses to speak to me. Haha, how pathetic :D I'm still going to be polite, but if he thinks it bothers me .. well .. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

That is all. Muchos lurve, as always xx

PS - I AM NOT MALAYSIAN, NOR DO I UNDERSTAND MALAY. So stop with the spamming kthnkxbai.

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