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Microdate ... which has ended up being quite non-micro but thats me!
Saturday, April 10, 2010 | 11:51 pm | Comment ⇢
Hey guys!

Wow its been more than a year since my last 'update'. I really am horrendous in that aspect and all of you should nominate me for the worst updater blog awards :)

Anyhoo before you get too happy, this isn't technically an update, I just came across ANOTHER one of my unfinished novel / story documents and thought I'd post what I've got on here just because. I don't know if I'll ever continue writing whatever things I start, but might as well share with you what I've done so far.

I have exams in literally a month from now for the end of the first year at uni. Time really did fly by, like one of those super fast condorde planes. Lots of stuff happened but I think I'll update in my long 4 month summer holidays since unfortunately (or not?) I won't be going anywhere :( more on that later .. oh and finally, I passed my driving :D though I think I'm quite reckless and am driving worse now than when I was learner >_< When I'm driving on my own, I get really nervous and panicky so I think I get impatient and drive a bit crazily because I don't want anyone to be annoyed with my slowness. I guess I need to relax and not freak out so much and drive carefully and nicely. Am glad to say am not TOO bad when driving with others in the car though, because I guess I feel a bit safe?

I did do two stupid and embarassing things today though, one of which was REALLY careless of me and for which I deserve to be bashed. So in the afternoon I went to a mall near my house to get my dad a present. This is a place I always go to by car (not driving but being driven) and on the bus so I knew my route pretty well and didn't mess up. Got to the car park and luckily right as I was turning in, found a free bay space so drove into it. Now they usually teach us to REVERSE into bays when parking for the exam so this was new. The car park was one of those outdoor ones and there were many many people around, trying to get out or find a space. Now I was inside my box, pretty much, I mean its a small car after all, BUT I wasn't straight! One of my wheels were touching the box line and I was at an angle, so I tried to reverse a bit and fix myself but it was really hopeless. By now I was getting embarrassed and frustrated as people were looking and some were getting mad as they didn't know if I was leaving or not so I thought screw it, I'm just going to and leave it like this. So as I was sort of out of my car, an elderly (55+?) man in front of me (he just parked his car around 5 minutes ago and watched me for a bit) came up to me and I got really worried that he was going to tell me off for not parking correctly. I looked at him and he seemed kind enough and asked me if I had just passed, to which I sheepishly (and with a VERY red and embarrassed face) replied that yes. Than he told me to just straighten the wheel and reverse back, and helped me out by going behind my car, guiding me and stopping this other car. I finally managed to get straight and than he realized I wasn't trying to get out. I finally thanked him, I was very grateful but also worried (as I always get a case of creepers on me!) and embarrassed so got away quick but still, its like as soon as the instructor was not in the car, I turned super shit! I'll just have to rely on my cute looks and girly self as an excuse I suppose and hope I get better with time while getting people to help me out in the way ;)
Ah the other STUPID and slap worthy thing I did was leaving my car unlocked! Basically I went out for dinner with a family friend at Golder's Green, which is a decent-ish area I guess. Here, new drivers have to drive with P plates on for a year after they have passed and as we got out of the car, I locked the doors and after taking the plates out (they are magnetic) and putting it into the boot, I frantically realized that I left my phone in the car. So I quickly went over to the driver's seat unlocked the car and took my phone out. Not this was on a side road off the main road, there were other (more expensive cars around) and I was parked outside a church (relevance?). After dinner, 2 hours later .. I opened up the boot to get my plates out when my cousin / FF opened the back seat and I FREAKED OUT. Because I don't think I opened the car when I came back, most probably not. And unless it gets opened with the boot (not likely) .. I had left it open! Now a few months ago my beloved Macbook got stolen from my university's library because of my stupidity (more later) and I remember having this sinking feeling combined with nausea and felt like I was going to die / cry uncontrollably. Not if the car HAD been stolen, I would have actually had a physical heart attack, I believe. I mean it was the most stupid and retarded things I could have ever done, wow. Anyhoo, when I first got into the car today, I prayed before starting my journey. I'm just glad that the car is OLD (10 years +) and not too nice, and I didn't leave anything outside in the open. God saved me once again, I really need to start saying thanks, and it helped that I was in a 'well off' area and outside a church I suppose, I mean who would steal my dingy Toyota with bloody BMWs and Range Rovers around?!

And with that, I conclude my 'microdate' or what was supposed to be a little introduction to the story I was about to post as mentioned above. I guess for now I have to settle with posting it in a new post!

Muchos lurve as always xx

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