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Untitled - another unfinished story ..
Saturday, April 10, 2010 | 11:55 pm | Comment ⇢
Okay so as I mentioned in the post before this, and as the title suggests, this is one of the many stories I've started but never ended up finishing .. thought I'd post what I've got anyhow. So without much further ado ..



“I know, I’ve heard the same argument a million times, but can you try and listen to my side for once? You don’t have to stay in all the time you know, how will you find the one, whoever he is, if you don’t go out? You have to try different wines to find the one perfect for you.”

I grinned at Jack’s frustrated frown and stuck my tongue out. I tried hard not to have giggling fits as I stared at my newest BBF’s face, his big brown eyes were squinting at me behind his black frames, his curly brown hair lay tousled on his head, almost covering the frown on his small forehead, his lips were set into a tight thin line and he was obviously not very happy with my reaction.

I tried to compose myself and put on a serious face. “Tsk tsk, you know I don’t drink alcohol Jackie.”

He made a face at me and said “Agh you know what I mean!” He usually enjoyed my company but he hated me winding him up exactly as much as I loved it.

I loved Jack, he was like the brother I never had and I knew he had the best intentions and just wanted me to be happy but it was getting tiring trying to explain to him (and everyone else for that matter) that I wasn’t some depressed single girl about to commit suicide if left alone for too long. My past experiences left me not so interested in trivial things such as going out on the pull, I was over all that and I hoped he would understand and leave me to it.

I skipped towards him with what I thought was my most charming smile and gave him a kiss on his lightly tanned translucent like skin. His skin was amusing and uniquely beautiful, a contrast to my yellow undertones. I whispered “I don’t need to look for him Jack, I’ll just find him. Who knows, maybe love is just around the corner eh?” He finally broke into a small defeated smile with my wink and left as I hurried to my room.

I smiled to myself as I turned around the corner and headed towards my door along the long and empty corridor of the dorm, my knight in shining armour was obviously too arrogant to ask for directions. I couldn’t wait to change and get under my warm and fluffy duvet; I would have to go down to the kitchen first though to get a cup of tea to accompany my book.

“Excuse me, you dropped something.” A husky and somewhat amused voice broke into my thoughts as I planned the evening ahead…I turned around and there he was.


Hope you liked? I actually think this would be quite different from anything I've done before so who knows, maybe it will get  Bishop's Revival (hehe @ Fringe Fans) in the summer? Don't count on it but definitely let me know using the tag board to the left! :)

Muchos lurve ♥

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