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Desolated in Bangladesh
Sunday, June 29, 2008 | 7:50 pm | Comment ⇢
So here I am sitting, or lying down to be precise, butt naked on this huge foam of a floor bed. I’m in BD at the moment and its extremely hot and humid, hence the butt naked-ness. I’ve only managed to survive 6 days and already my face resembles that of a sun burnt tramp. I’ve been meaning to update earlier but its rare to get a moment of peace and butt nakedness around here. I’m dripping wet, not of sweat thank god, rather from the shower I took earlier. We have this amazing 8 headed shower bar which is simply divine. I take an average of two showers each day. Parents are off doing their business and I’m here at home doing fuck all, as usual and exactly like I planned. Unfortunately my plan included more PS2 time and a whole load less sun and more tan. Contradictory but understandable given that I’ve always had to use fake tan =[

Speaking of PS2s, I had gotten a memory card from ebay for a fiver, it looked real but obviously it wasn’t, either way I had hoped it worked. It hasn’t really performed, being detected sometimes while not appearing at all on the menu at other times. That has been taken care of since I managed to get my hands on a real authentic PS2 memory card for less then a tenner, which is why I suppose I’m so chilled out regarding the fake card, since I’ve got a new card for £15 which isn’t too bad.

So after writing that entertaining update from Dubai, I got sick with constipation AGAIN. This happens to me every time I come from London to Dubai, regardless of how much or how little and even what I eat. It may have something to do with the high pressures of the altitude at which we were flying, but nothing is known at this time. All I know is that its extremely uncomfortable and last year I almost had a black out and felt dizzy and blurry. Mom forced me to clear out, though I hadn’t had anything to eat so I don’t know how I could have cleared out nothing, and it wouldn’t come out. I don’t like using the toilet other than at home and it was extremely embarrassing for me in a crowded airport. The cramps had gotten to me and I finally gave in, but without success. Needless to say, the journey to BD was irritating and stuffy. On top of that, much to my annoyance, my mother and dad had both managed to successfully clear out their own bowels and it wasn’t under them to gloat about it to me.

The flying itself was surprisingly smooth. There was no turbulence and the crew were nice and helpful, even the food wasn’t vomit inducing. The same can’t be said of my fellow passengers unfortunately. There was this one particular old guy who kept behaving with my family as if we were some uneducated underclass losers. It was quite the contrary actually because he started off sitting behind us, packing his duty free shit on our compartment and then randomly moving across the aisle, if that wasn’t bad enough, he started to lecture my mom on how our compartment was not actually ours and it was full…with what, one bag of bullshit? It really irritates me when someone tries to treat her like some sort of housewife, she’s got a fricking PhD for god’s sake, more education than that douche’s entire family I bet. He was behaving as if we have never flown and when we were getting off at the end of the flight and my parents took out our duty free stuff he just grabbed it and said just let me check like we would want to steal his cheap ass whatever he brought, sexist asshole.

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