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Monday, June 23, 2008 | 6:32 am | Comment ⇢
As usual I haven’t updated like I promised I would … sorry guys I know how much you wait for my extremely entertaining updates but I had exams and things … first thing first, I’m FREEEE … some of my regulars already know this due to me plastering it all over my FB and things but some of you don’t so I thought I’d share this wonderful amazing news with you =]

Secondly, guess where I’m at?!?! Dubai baby =D unfortunately I’m not getting ready to go out or anything funky like that, instead here I am waiting at the airport for my connecting flight which is in approximately 5 hours … and because I’ve been here SOOO many times … around 13 times?! … and also because I’m coming back here at the end of my holiday [getting to that hold on] I’m waiting here using the free WiFi like a gangster while my caring parents are off shopping … how responsible. I might give ChildLine a call … which reminds me 47 days, 17 hours, 42 minutes and seconds left till my birthday! I will be 19 so I don’t think I can call ChildLine afterwards =[

Because I’m such a gangster everyone is giving me looks … that or they are hating the fact that I have such a smashing Macbook … obviously I couldn’t leave my baby home while I travelled. Which leads me to the holiday part, I just finished my exams on the 19th and it’s the 22nd … or 23rd(?) right now and I’m going on a somewhat forced holiday to Bangladesh, India and Thailand…when I get back I’m stopping over at Dubai for some time … woop I hear you say? Nothing to get happy about … my last free year before university and I’m perfectly free now and instead of going out and partying like the rockstar I was born to be, I’m going to Bangladesh … yet AGAIN … how many fucking times do they expect me to go to the same bloody place and stay sane? We don’t even do touristy stuff, we meet family and pretend that we like them and they like us … its so annoying.

Speaking of family, I’m very unhappy with mine again as usual. I can’t help it, its not my fault [more like my misfortune] that I’m related to a bunch of fuckholes =[ okay that was a bit harsh, here is what they did this time : basically me and my boy mate are TIGHT TIGHT and there was a profile picture of me and him on FB and my family [who incidentally because I knew exactly how this was going to turn out like, are on my extremely private and pointless limited profile] saw it and went ballistic. Its annoying that every bloody person in my HUGE [uneducated and hostile towards contraceptives] family is so bothered with what I do and who I do it with. They should stop concerning themselves in my business and mind their own kids. Seriously, I know things but I keep shut because I don’t want to get involved in this pathetic-ness but if this doesn’t stop anytime soon I might open my mouth and when that happens I won’t be shutting up anytime soon and compared to my cousins I’m a fricking saint.

Anyhoo I would keep going on but I left my plane charger under a pile of clothes … sacre bleu! So au revoir and I shall keep posting while I’m imprisoned at you know where … till then deal with this much of updates =]

PS - Me and Comillian boy are off … updates next time, I feel random people’s eyes on my screen and that makes me uncomfortable =[

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