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A helpful vindication
Thursday, March 26, 2009 | 7:55 pm | Comment ⇢
As to why I have been so anal about keeping everyone updated. Back in Bangladesh, where some of you might have the experience of knowing a bit about the internet quality, I found it best to keep my blogs typed up on a word document and publish them at a later time. I thought this would be more efficient than keeping my thoughts in my head and then try and recall them at a later date in order to publish a major update. The internet quality, my bad memory and the fact that I am an anal updater … well it all concludes that this is a good idea sort of.

Anyhoo so as I was reading my Word Posts, well the last one just cut off. As far as I remember I must have been dragged downstairs for food and then I forgot to update so there =)

Keep your eyes peeled .. or erm whatever, for a new update coming sometime soon! (Though soon is soon in terms of my time scale .. so it could be a while =P)

Quick updates though, I finally managed to get my act together and revise for my exams … it was pretty mental though. I had exams 3 days straight and I revised like a lunatic. Like my exams started off with 2 Economics exams on day 1, 2 Sociology exams on day 2 and 1 Economics exam on the last day and they are all afternoon exams thankfully so I literally stayed up till 5 am (so say I had my exams tomorrow, I started revision at 9 pm and stayed up writing notes till 5 literally) and then slept for 2 hours and woke up and read my notes till exam time. Actually feel asleep on the night of day 2 actually so that was mental .. though I somehow managed to get the highest marks in that module.

Exams in general were good anyway .. I was 7 marks off 100% in loads of modules and I actually got 120/120 twice … so I got AAB over all .. which is what my offer at SOAS was for =)

I was so scared the night before though … Day 3 exam was MENTAL and I was sure I had failed it!

Some of you might be aware about how UCAS works. You chose one university as your insurance (the grade conditions for this is usually lower than the grade conditions of your firm choice) and one as your firm which is where you really want to go. If you get the grades, UCAS updates and says unconditional next to your firm. If not you get uncon next to your insurance (if you made the grades). My insurance was QMUL which wanted ABB and my firm was SOAS obviously who wanted AAB.

I cried all night before results day and woke up really early to check UCAS. It said unconditional next to QMUL (meaning I hadn’t made my grades) and I swear I have never cried or begged to God so much .. and MIRACLE.

Basically my sociology exams were taken at two exam boards. My AS was taken with OCR and my A2s with AQA and they transferred the wrong grade … anyhow long story short SOAS were being LONG and took 40 days to officially offer me a place. I then decided to defer my entry because I wanted to work and do stuff before university and also because if I had gone last year I would be considered as an International Student whereas this year I’m going to be Home Student .. which saves me a lot of money.

Other than that, I’m currently working full time and that’s it really in terms of updates … sad, sad life. I’m so busy its really hard to be social and I don’t even have the time or energy to have a bitch fit so yeah! But MONEY!

Okay, I have a lunch thing with my manager from my second job tomorrow and so I must go wash my hair quicky!

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