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Little Lying Boys.
Friday, September 06, 2013 | 2:04 am | Comment ⇢
I hate guys who are stuck at being boys and refuse to be men. I hate boys who waste your time playing games instead of being straight talking like real men. I hate little lying boys who make you go in circles while trying to lead a double life.

Tall potential adds me on my halal FB (yes I have a haram one as well). I accept. Leave him a nice simple message (hello). Not only does he NOT reply (he's mates with my family with I can see they've been chatting plenty during the time), when I go to check his wall, he's DELETED my message. What the fudge right? Then I get a notification about him commenting on a photo of my family I commented on (he was in it too). When clicking through, it accidentally takes me to all his tagged photographs and theres loads of him with his recent girlfriend (they are still going strong).

I mean .. really? Do you think I'm that much of an arsehead that you lie to me so blatantly and don't even try to cover it up?

Tbh, I'm surprised I didn't go snooping around with my paranoia trust issues as I normally do. Just goes to show, that you really shouldn't trust anyone till they've proven you wrong about not being able to trust them. What a tit.

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