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Wednesday, June 05, 2013 | 12:29 am | Comment ⇢
Edit: So I cleaned my room :D it only took like 3-4 days haha (look this is an amazing progress compared to my usual 2 weeks!). I really want to paint my room, I'm so annoyed at myself for not listening to me >.< the paint took ages but because of the finishing used, it looks so .. ugh. Not perfect. Also, the other day I kind of banged open my door so the mirror shattered .. and then I touched it LIGHTLY and somehow a huge piece of glass (okay it was tiny) pricked into my finger and I bled crazy (well ..) everywhere :O it happened so quickly, it was literally like a magnet pulled the piece of glass into my finger. Stupid.

In the end, I wiped my boards, vacuumed each section literally 6 times, in between manual hand brushing the carpet, moving stuff around, polishing furniture, etc. But now it looks, smells and feels great :) I even lay down on my sun-roof whatever hipster area & took pictures of the stars :D maybe I'll share my pictures at some point!

Speaking of which, I sorted out some more photographs .. so I'm done with around a 1'000 .. and literally around 8'000 left -___- but ITS A START!

In terms of spirituality, well my womb finally quit so I could pray again. At some point I freaked out about some evidence being accepted by the exam board, cried a lot (seriously my heart feels amazing after a cry session on the prayer mat, Alhamdullilah) & then the next day got good news :D subhanAllah so that always helps remind me how useless I am and the many many countless things I have to be thankful for :)

Anger is less .. but not completely gone. I used to do yoga and got quite a few videos so I suppose I should start it up. I'm thinking of visiting my school's counselling system (ITS FREEEEE) .. but last person I spoke to, I wasn't really comfortable with (and you need to be comfortable with your therapist) so we'll see.

My parents are going to Bangladesh tomorrow :'( so I've been emotionally blackmailing them, saying stuff like oh you're leaving me again, etc, etc. Hey, they really should have procreated but instead stopped at me, the one child mental wonder :/

One of my best friends is moving to China again (permanently) next week while another one who was in Jordan this past year came back this week. I haven't spoken or seen either of them. It sucks being an only child and NEVER having that sibling link you lucky bums out there have. *sad*

I watched some commie movie (and okay, I'm a Marxist in theory and a slightly capitalist semi-bourgeoisie in reality) and got all emo. I also need / want to read Foucault.

My brain amuses and taxes me.

I'm in a rambling mood so I'll stop.


No, not annoyed haha. I was reading Justin Halpern's I Suck At Girls ... which is fricking hilarious (I swear his dad hahaha) and so its gotten my mind off this useless week and half.

And on the spur of a moment, I cleaned my room again! The random clutter has been sorted from the floor / table / dresser / mag-rack, etc. And I finished sorting out my dressing table and beauty cupboard. I moved stuff so mum can take it to Bangladesh as back up for when / if I go there on holiday, I don't have to bring a gazillion things & used the increased space to shift things from my dresser, which is looking more minimal and clean :D Of course all this rearrangement was accompanied by cleaning and dusting and wiping so that corner of the room is done :D I also sorted out my pin board which is looking less congested and more visible .. so I can look at ticket stubs and start day dreaming!

Now the only things I have left are (dust & wipe) my study table (this is the main task left), my magazine rack & mini book shelve & a little corner I have to star gaze / smoke / read books, etc (well .. that was the plan but I never use it!).

After that of course will be carpet brushing, vacuuming & perhaps steaming. I like to do things completely and in style 8-) I'm also thinking of repainting my room, same colours but different finish because this finish is stupid, like I knew and told my know-it-all aunt it was going to be. I mean its all washed out and shit! Ugh.

One major thing I need to do, which I'll probably postpone till post-dissertation, is to sort out and sell off my gazillion books (well I'll keep a few). I've checked Abe Books and also Amazon's return program. A lot of them haven't been read (I mass buy books & now have them on my Kindle so whats the point) or touched at all .. so maybe I'll be able to get a better price at this second hand book shop near King's really boring Waterloo campus? I don't know .. anyone got any tips?

Then of course I'll still have the rest of my list to go through .. but its something eh. Its a start! 

On Wednesday, June 05, 2013, Blogger The Purple Assassin. wrote:

⇢ This book kept me hooked too. Funny .

On Wednesday, June 05, 2013, Blogger lil-bee wrote:

⇢ I haven't read a lot of it but man, I wish I met his dad in person lol. You like Shantaram! That book .. well, it was more than the stories, that book has a special happy/sad place in my heart :) apparently later parts are supposed to come out .. maybe they already have :O

On Wednesday, June 05, 2013, Blogger lil-bee wrote:

⇢ Wait I just Googled and the sequel, which was scheduled for last year, is apparently out now :D

On Saturday, June 08, 2013, Blogger Nas wrote:

⇢ Have you been to the book market under waterloo bridge (I think that's the bridge). It's a nice place to go, something always catches your eye. Except you're looking to get rid of books, not get more 8-)

On Saturday, June 08, 2013, Blogger lil-bee wrote:

⇢ *paper books!

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