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Saturday, May 25, 2013 | 1:47 am | Comment ⇢
I finished my exam a few days ago. And have been feeling like not having the energy to do ANYTHING. Except watch TV or read books on my Kindle. Sorry folks ... I'll hopefully get my act together soon! Especially since my mother, the Professor, is ON MY CASE about doing my dissertation IN A MONTH. I mean ... she thinks PhD theses are a piece of cake (because she only had to invent a new operational method, not write 100'000 words + Harvard Referencing) so imagine how much importance to gives to a Masters thesis. SIGHSIGHSIGH. Are all university academics so hard-balled? Or is it just my very special luck? Anyway, also, I have to upload like literally thousands of photographs from 2011 onwards (maybe even some from 2010) and they are taking FOREVER. Frickin ... OH AND I think my classmate is totally coo-koo. I sent him a few emails (like literally 2, one on uni account and one on FB) which he didn't reply to so I wrote on his wall: Hey hope you're okay! We're worried about you! So suddenly he quickly replied (via inbox) that he's fine, so I try to speak to him a bit more like where have you been, etc (small talk cos he's just some guy in my class, we're not really friends) and he goes: I'm going to sleep, please don't write on my wall again. Good night. WHAT THE FUCK?!


Anyway, I've been a bad cat, so here's a picture of one:

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