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Hijab for Men
Wednesday, May 15, 2013 | 11:16 pm | Comment ⇢
Hey so seems like everyone is jumping up and down on how women should dress and behave but they completely forget about the other side of the coin? Guys are supposed to be in hijab as well, yet I see guys wearing tight tank tops and short shorts and walking around topless?! Hells-to-the-no. Islam has rules about BOTH genders so really .. sort yourselves out!

This post says it best so I will refrain from saying anything more (I don't believe in this rise of hijab debate, about what is or isn't and how HEY YOU SHOULD JUST TAKE IT OFF ANYWAY. Really? Awesome sauce, thats EXACTLY the kind of thing HUMAN sisters struggling with the hijab need to hear. Great for pointing out the flaws in others, instead of giving them proper naseehah in private, and poking fun at them in the name of religion. ANY 'good' is better than no good, in my opinion). 

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