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Thursday, May 16, 2013 | 2:39 am | Comment ⇢
People are so predictable. So I don't know if I told you guys this but there's this kinda famous really awesome and GOOD (in terms of his work) techie I follow .. and one of a reasons why I follow him is because he's from the same country as me (I don't want to mention shiz cos he might Google LOL) ... and okay so I've TOTALLY had a huge crush on him (I don't know what he looks like but I LOVE his work) because I'm a nerdstitute so thats what I do. Anyway so I randomly messaged him saying you know its amazing that he's representing our country and his work is amazing, etc. And then he messaged back and I got totally hype cos he's like got thousand followers and whatever right. Anyway all was going great, I was learning about how he got started in the industry, etc and generally getting all NERDGASM and what not ... till he asked me the most baithead sleezeball question: you on Facebook?

Seriously, when I read that I actually FLOPPED DOWN. Here I was thinking this is some awesome guy (judged through his work) and he asks me for my FB. I mean, who does that? I'll tell you who, SLEEZEBALLS. I mean I was talking to him about his work, and really enjoying it. And okay so I totally have a crush on him, but HE doesn't know that does he? So basically he's basically (yeah whatever, doubles are the new whatevers) asked a complete stranger (this is a work profile so my picture is vaguely available, but you can't really see my face, just half my eye, because my face / head is being obstructed from the view because of my DSLR & lens) about their facebook. Only sleezeballs do that. So anyway yeah totally disappointed and annoyed me. I don't have FB atm (exams, plus its generally full of drama and distraction so I keep away anyway) but even if I did, I most definitely wouldn't give it to him. I don't even get why people ask complete strangers for their FB. I'll tell you why, because they are sleezeballs.

Ugh. I am just really disappointed. I thought he was a great guy but it seems like he's a sleezeball! Anyway I told him I didn't do Facebook because of exams, etc. And then I thought I BET HE ASKS ME HOW OLD I AM. Guess what? HE ASKED ME HOW OLD I AM. Whats the point of this exercise anyway? How is this talking about his work? Like what does he think will happen? He also asked me about my studies so I told him I'm doing my post-grads and I bet he won't reply now / reply once and back the fuck down. Because sleezeballs don't like educated people. And because I refused to tell him my age. Or add him on Facebook.

Errrr. GUYS. Aghhh. Anyway. Maybe I've just got overly high standards and he ISN'T a sleezeball. I don't know .. am I overreacting? Is he really a sleezeball? Does he want to marry me (HAHA)? Let me know FFs!

PS - Last time I used FFs, I think maybe it might be coming across as for fucks sake, but when I said FFs I meant this -> linky.

Edit: So after 24 hours, I can confirm that he has indeed run away which just confirms that he is indeed a sleeze. Even if he had been persistent, I’m sure my scarf would have scared him away, if not the other things. Why? Well .. this guy, being a techie, is ALL over the internet. Like I said, I was really into his work (which I still think is pretty amazing & sexy!) so I mostly stayed on his work pages but earlier I checked out his Pinterest & Instagram (he has a lot of design resources I’ve used before, mostly from his work page but anyhow) and zomfg he has some pervy pins up. Like of practically naked women. Ew. I mean okay I know some guys are into that shit [okay, when I say some guys, I mean techies are baitly into that shit] … but I just don’t get why its considered acceptable to openly be a perv?! Like other guys at least hide that shit -___- guys are stupid. Before I blocked all guys on Instagram, I used to follow my family friend who would often joke to me (and my cousin, separately) about getting married .. and you know how Instagram shows up a feed of activities of people you follow? Well his activity would regularly come up with liking all these different girls naked (practically) pictures. How fucking dumb is that? Like okay you gonna ‘joke’ hit on two girls who follow you, while liking naked pictures for the whole world to see? Its just so sleeze. So yeah, this guy, TOTAL sleeze. OH and not only that, I found out he has a girlfriend! I mean, who asks a random girl about their Facebook, after barely conversing with them, while they have a girlfriend? I’ll tell you who, sleezeballs. I mean this whole thing has just left me BAFFLED. What was even the point?! I have no hope for the future. Also, why is it that statistically, sciency / techy guys just forget about their religion? Twats. 

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