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Sunday, April 21, 2013 | 7:48 pm | Comment ⇢
I can't WAIT for this summer. InshAllah I'll be done with my exams and when I finish my dissertation, I am *DONE with education. I just can't believe that I will finally be FREE. Unlike the last few years where being free was akin to preparing for the next step, be it the first or second year of A levels, the years of undergrad, or most recently, my Masters. To know that I'll truly be free, done with studying. I mean .. wow. Though I say this, maybe I'll end up missing it and stress about getting a job, getting married, having kids, blah blah blah. But man, I will NOT be missing these deadlines I swear. And as a treat, I'll be going to Taiwan to attend my family-friend cousin's wedding part II inshAllah :) I CANNOT WAIT. Of course I wish I was going to Korea or Japan rather than Taiwan, but Taiwan is number 3 on the list so its all good :) now I just need to do this and be DONE.

* I will likely never / not in the next 10 years, be done done with education. Because I have plans to get a PhD like mum. And also because I want to get an Accounting qualification (I KNOW, I swear boredom came from kingdom of bore .. but still, I think it makes strategic sense). I've always been good at math .. and it takes less time than writing 3'000 word essays / reports full of Harvard referencing and what not. BUT I think they will be different. A PhD is more about research rather than being directed to what is right / wrong. I will be about MY ideas / interpretations / etc. And there won't really be a real deadline breathing down my neck (maybe this is a bad thing) so at least it will be relatively stress-free. As for the oral viva, I'm a damn good talker, especially if I know what I'm talking about (productive bullshitting) and have had some anxiety pills to keep me calm before hand (and its top grade too. Anything [propranolol] good enough for a sniper is good enough for me!). And the accounting this is mostly exams (unless I decide to do a paper and get a second degree which I'll likely do because what do I have to lose [other than my sanity]?) and I'm GOOD at exams, and its a lot of numbers and common sense (for me) so yeah. I can also take the exams one at a time AND get paid while doing it so .. win, win kerching.

Anyway. I really should shut up and get back to my essays now. Fucking daydreams. 

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