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Recycled Email Update
Wednesday, February 13, 2013 | 10:26 pm | Comment ⇢

Ignoring the last nerd-excitement post, I haven't really updated ya'll in a while. And since I plan to be productively busy inshAllah till the end of my dissertation and/or exams, I thought I'd do a quick update post about life. But since I don't really have time to do a fresh update post (I used up my break time writing up the previous post), I thought I'd recycle this email I sent to a friend recently. 

I don't know what you last know, but basically I got sick with a severe case of flu around 4 weeks ago? Some nasty virus that made my entire family really ill. It stayed with me for around week and half, almost two weeks around when I got a really bad tonsil infection. Proper killed my voice (its still broken now), inflammed my lymph nodes and put me on some weird coughing fit that still hasnt gone away :/ well, at least I sound sexy :P

On the other hand, my migraine medication was making me really tired, insomniatic and depressed. So I made an appointment with my doc but the new medicine she gave me, I reaaaaally didnt want to go on (I still don't). She told me to slowly get off propranolol before taking topiramate but because of the cold, I was off propranolol for a while anyway & on cold meds so I decided to stay off for a while. By the time I decided I was going to try and manage without meds, noticed my migraines went down. I still get them but they aren't as bad as before, nothing some naproxen & sumatriptan can't help. I need to be careful not to overdo it tho because I don't want rebound migraines to come bite me in the arse.

Meanwhile my cousin got married to his love, a Taiwanese chick :) it was an awesome wedding, they are having a ceremony in Taiwan in Sept so iA i can make it (if I finish my dissertation before hand) :) the wedding stuff was fun, except I ran into the guy I really want to marry who doesnt want to marry me because he doesn't know me and probably thinks I am an over religious no fun hijabi. *sob* My good friend went to Umrah, and on her last day, I told her to pray that I marry him so fingers crossed tho haha. Make dua as well lol.

Oh, I also reunited with a really close close friend with whom I kind of lost touch / we got a bit distant in the last year but Alhamdullilah we got close again :) also found out some shocking truth about a person through her which really disappointed me but I guess its good as its making me more careful in trusting people. I really did see the best in him but I guess you can't / shouldn't view everyone through Islamic spectacles and assume they will be good :/

Few days ago my cousin had a baby and he was so happy since he finally brought her home / put pictures up on FB, etc. He was online and after chatting for a while, he went to sleep. Next day he was found dead & rigidity suggests he died soon after going offline. When I found out it really shocked me to my core. Its these things make you remember who our Lord is & just how small, short and fragile life is. Really sad for the baby but at the same time so thankful that Allah has blessed me with parents & a life with every moment an opportunity to repent & better myself. Because of that & my recent brush with the mole, I've begun to become aware of my spirit again, somthing that was up up year before last but sadly got dunya-ed in the last year. Just makes you appreciate life & stop all the petty dunya-ness. Been listening to some great lecture podcasts on my way to uni so feeling hopeful about change iA :) its strange, when I think about him I end up going into crying fits, probably because it makes me think about losing my own dad, which isn't really helpful in the long run. I guess I can't fully process it yet, so I've acknowledged it and decided to file it away and instead try and appreciate every minute but also strive for change and live a life I can face my Lord with on the Day of Judgement.

In school though, I'm repeating past mistakes and not doing work in time. I just can't concentrate. Will need to go see that learning advisor soon. I made a routine tho, that dictates every minute of every day, from when to wake up to when to pee & study. Its not too late so inshAllah I will follow it and get my act together for my parents. I followed it last week Monday & Friday and had such great days. My no meds decision has also flipped my mood back to how I was before and now people think I'm so happy I must be high / on some kind of drugs. The irony eh lol.

Well thats it I guess :) going to go running on the treadmill, inshAllah back to fitness for the boy I want & for health in general. Also planning on Umrah inshAllah so prep time starts now :)

Make dua for me please :) and as always, you & family are in mine :)

Ciao for now! xo

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