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Whats that smell??
Thursday, August 04, 2011 | 11:42 pm | Comment ⇢
No really .. what is it? Where is it coming from?

Cue loud curious sniffing like a dog addicted to cocaine. Or something :/

Why do we do that? Where we smell something disgusting and we're all like OMG that smells horrible, here smell!

Awkward :P but I find that a lot of people do it .. or did it .. as kids .. and I never grew out of it :O

You know they have bacon perfume? No, seriously. You can buy it at some shops .. like this one. Errr .. so I guess I won't be putting THAT on my birthday (which is soon yay) wish list -.-

Know what I think? I think they should SERIOUSLY consider making bakery perfume. Because freshly baked anything smells SOOO good *dies in happiness* .. but have you noticed? The food doesn't taste NEARLY as good as it smells. Passing by M&S's bakery section is my kryptonite when I'm fasting. Oh wait, look what I found :D but meh .. doesn't seem likely to live up to M&S pfft.

Ah .. what DOES live up to expectations are the freshly baked pretzels from Mr Pretzel. Nomnomnom :)

Ah enough with the self-abusing food talk.

What I really stopped by to talk about is ... SUN CREAM!

Now, my more tanned readers might be shaking their heads thinking oh we don't need sun protection. But wait, you totally totally do!

You see, the sun is bare dangerous like, and even if you are already tanner than black, you still need sun cream for all the harmful UVA rays n dat. Seriously, even if you use a low SPF cream, don't skip this.

And while most suncreams smell kinda bleh (and they TOTALLY sting your eyes if you get it near them o.o), I found this AMAZING smelling (no really, I have a sensitive nose so trust me on that) sun cream from Piz Buin :D yeah okay its a bit more expensive than other creams out there, but its really good and smells divine. Well I don't know about their other products, but I got the Piz Buin Radiant Face Cream in SPF 30 and it smells fabulous :D

So if your looking for a good suncream that smells nice, I'd recommend Piz Buin .. and if you don't use suncream, GET TO IT. PB smells so good and feels so nice that you'd want to start using it asap if you don't :)

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