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Shopwhoreholic - Aug '11
Friday, August 05, 2011 | 5:49 am | Comment ⇢
So I'm a bit of a shopwhoreholic .. don't get me wrong, I usually HATE shopping and can only handle it while on my own, and that too when I'm armed with my list of what I need / want and from where. I hate walking around, especially in crowds.

Online shopping and sales however .. are a entirely different matter. As the recurrence of ASOS on my bank-statement would tell you.

Anyway, I occasionally get lusts for certain products that I must must have .. and sometimes these lusts last for a while because the products in question are so awesome, range, or the simple fact that I'm kinda broke. Okay I'm not really broke, I'm such a bit of a cheap Asian sometimes .. and I do study economics at university so .. can't help it!

Anyhoo .. this month (and as has been since I've gotten a DSLR way back when) its this. Oh how I want them ... so so badly I want them. But they are darn expensive .. but calculating, I could have saved money from my recent splurge on 7 pairs of heels (yes really, but they are totally worth it!) and gotten some new lenses instead, because more than one is better than none o.O

Thing is, I end up spending this much on many different goods, but I guess it kinda stings when you spend this much in one go. Though to be honest, I did get them 8 pairs in like 2 days. Opps :O

So what lust-time are you whoring after at the moment?

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