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Disqus Comments & Your Blogger ID
Friday, August 05, 2011 | 2:14 am | Comment ⇢
Hello all!

You can leave me a random message on my shout box to the left or comment on individual posts by clicking on leave comment.

You can comment on my shout box as normal with your name and a message. You also have the option of registering on the shout box, and if you've already registered, logging in and staying logged in. Registering will let you create a profile with your username, password and a link back to your site and will also let other users see if you are online :) you can also login using your Facebook.

To leave comments on individual posts, you need to use Disqus (my default post commenter). I know there was some annoyance over Disqus ahem ahem :P but being as ever generous and kind as I am to my FFs, I have decided to look for a solution to your problems, and I've found it!

You see, I've set my Disqus to allow you guys to Login in a variety of ways. Now some of you were stressing about not being able to sign in with your Blogger ID .. but actually this is possible, and you can set it to do this automatically. And its really really easy!

You do this with something called Open ID which is one of the login options for Disqus. With Open ID, you log in with your Blogger URL (thats it!) and it should post as your Blogger ID while redirecting people to your blog when they click on your name :) please click the link to find out more :)

Of course you will be able to log in as anyone you want using the different login options and you can also change your login if you've already logged in as someone else :)

Hope this solves issues of having to log in a gazillion times, or not being able to post as who you are :)

Open ID is also available across a variety of services and different blogging platforms, so make sure you check it out :D


PS - I've also allowed you to mention other users in your comments by @ing them .. if you so wish :)

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