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Monday, August 01, 2011 | 7:16 pm | Comment ⇢
OMG. My dad is suuuch a drama queen.

Just because I was busy and didn't say hi to him. Now he's going on and on about how I don't give him any importance and how it must be because he is dark and poor and fat and OMG.

Now he's on the phone, and he just called this person who called him earlier:

Drama Queen - Hello, oh you called me?

Person - well I can't hear that end, but I'm guessing she said no or it was a mistake call.

DQ - Ohhh at least you called me, even though it was a mistake. Its better than no one ever calling me.


My dad's side of the family are such HUGE drama queens. Exaggerating and making a big deal out of everything. So theatrical. Yes, so am I .. but can you blame me?! I get it from him.

And sheesh. What is up with men nowadays being such women?! Like .. why are you acting like a girl? Stop being such a whiney little needy bitch (obviously this is to men out there, and not my dad. Because he isn't bitching, he's just being a drama queen / needy). Anyway.

Seriously. Put your hand down your pant. I give you permission. No, I INSIST you put your hand down your pant, and try and locate your non-existent balls .. and BE A MAN.

Or ya know .. I could pass you some tampons for your mangina so you can stop the bleeding while you go get a pair. Or buy one. Whatevs.

Edit: I'm not really pissed off. Its a bit amusing, but yes my dad is a drama queen .. like many many many men out there. Also, this was a jokes post, but it has some serious undertones. Because you MEN .. need to go claim your masculinity. Ya hear??? And also, before you go on about how I'm a perv. EW. The last two paragraphs were meant for other men. Not my dad. Gross-shnizer.

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