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Eid Mubarak :D
Wednesday, August 31, 2011 | 12:00 am | Comment ⇢

Hope you have an amaaaaaazing Eid inshAllah .. regardless of WHEN you think Eid is :P

But while we wear new clothes, eat special Eid food and feel awkward about eating during the way .. lets try and remember those less fortunate than us, try and help each other out, be grateful to Allah and do dua for the ummah (not just our Muslim brothers and sisters, but the entire mankind .. we are after all children of Adam, regardless of our religion, race & sexualities). And lets try and keep up the goodness we have achieved in Ramadan (inshAllah) and try to improve ourselves despite Shaiytaan being released back into the wild (I'm SO scared about that btw!).

Anyhoo .. now that thats outta the way, lets EID .. erm, eat. <- real typo. Lols.

What have / are YOU doing for Eid?

Right now I'm probably stuffing my face back in the homeland :D Eid in a Muslim majority country is really something else, a proper experience :D

Or I might still be on the plane, depending on when Eid is haha :D

Much love xxx

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