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Oh my sweet delicate head
Tuesday, May 10, 2011 | 11:15 pm | Comment ⇢
I am a super light feather weight. Not in actual weight, cos I weigh as much as a little baby elephant ... but like in terms of being able to take drinks, drugs, etc.

Now, I've never had alcohol. And I've only done weed a few times. And I'm LIGHT WEIGHT. Like I got proper off-my-head-can't-feel-myself high and stayed that way for around 7 hours, no exaggeration .. from literally 5 or 6 deep tokes.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, the lack of sleep (37 hours and counting) combined with lots of caffeine in the form of coke and tea, have left me feeling a bit .. well quite a bit drunk :$

Now I know I have never even had alcohol so how would I know right? But I feel all staggered, my eyes keep losing focus, etc .. but the fun bit is, I'm going totally ape-shit nuts! I've always been a bit mental, but like I'm finding everything soooo funny and giggling like a mad person and what not. Anyhoo, its fun :) being all care-free and that. But I think I will leave before I faint.

PS - God is AMAZING mashAllah. My 'revision' was pretty shit till I went in to the exam and I get the worse exam jitters ever. Was so cold in the morning and nervous shivering, put the heat on. Anyway after I started the exam, its like I was a completely different person in charge of everything! Was it good? It went better than I expected. Better than complete shit. But you never know eh .. will try HARD to not do repeat performance of what I did .. this will ruin me :(



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