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Monday, June 17, 2013 | 5:30 pm | Comment ⇢
This week in lil-bee's bipolar life is dominated by happiness .. or contentment or whatever.

- So I've almost uploaded all photographs (friendwise, I still have family photographs to do but its half the battle!) so thats done!

- I cleaned my room properly.

- I saw some more people I needed to see, with pending plans for others.

- I bought some more lenses (yeah this wasn't part of the list ...).

- I've uploaded quite a few Islamic books onto my Kindle, including Sahih Bukhari & Sahih Muslim & have read a few chapters at home / during my commutes.

- I checked out a few sample dissertations, spoke to my supervisor & have sorted out a layout and dissertation plan :)

- Went out and ate SALAD.

- Exercised (once but hey its a start).

And made a mission. It wasn't part of the list (and I might totally regret it) but I'm going to go after The Accountant. I mean his no wasn't a flat out no (maybe because it wasn't a flat out proposal haha) so no harm trying to be persistent right? His best friends little sister (who is an almost best friend to me) is going to help me with inside scoop and I will change myself LOL. I know thats like so totally lame but he's a nice man & I'm willing to change my dirty ways for him because he makes me want to be a better person :$

I can't believe I said that last bit out loud. Ah well.

Here's to progress!

Also, I've had horrible migraines these past few days :( and now I've got another one coming up & I feel really tired (I blame it on the heavy Korean lunch) so I'm going to call it quits, make my way home and maybe sort out my eyebrows on the way (cos man they are HUGE). Also, I might possibly be seeing my cousin/friend and confronting a cray-cray. Wish me luck!

Finally, speaking of cray-crays and douchebags, remember that techie I was totally crushing on? Well of course he didn't speak to me after his initial creepiness but I thought nevermind, let me just speak to him because I really wanted to ask him some industry questions! So I tried to ask him again & he was just being such an arse. Completely put me off him. Its quite sad when the people you look up to totally disappoint you :( and you're like all those hours spent admiring you was a waste of time you jackass. Pfft.



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