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Wednesday, June 26, 2013 | 2:16 am | Comment ⇢
So you know how I got all emo and stupid over Mr A? Okay not going to lie, mashAllah he's the NICEST PERSON EVER & like the whole world loves him & I would love to be married to him because he just makes me want to be nice and love the world ... buuuut, Idk, maybe it just isn't meant to be. Like sometimes I feel like I'm not good enough for him, like as a person haha. And not even putting myself down (okay I am, but only slightly) but sometimes I'm like man, what if I'm too superficial for him (I love my face & I ain't afraid to deny it), or too crazy, or a bit mean (cos you know, I've got those streaks) ... and then I think, well I'm pretty nice to the people I like, but the few I don't, I'm REALLY not nice to .. so maybe we'll just clash? I don't know man, whatever happens init.

Anyway so yeah, remember how I was being all stupid (and totally unlike normal me, I promise!)? I really don't know why I was getting so weird about it :/ I think because he's super nice and everyone loves him & goes on about him to me (leave me alone everyone! HE SAID NO TO ME so please shut up about him) and I get hype with them and kind of forget about reality and blah. Well anyhow, I've recently been getting into work and other things and kind of didn't have time to think about him & I also haven't really chatted to the chick who is ON IT to get us matched together. All of this combined kind of helped me get my brain back from the mess it was in earlier. Oh, and I met someone.

LOL. I swear last week (or whenever long away it was that I was acting like an actual tit) I was declaring my love for him and promising to stay single forever, waiting for his love. LOLZOMG. I'm such a drama queen. And an uber tit. Present-me is cringing so badly at recent-past me, I'm actually worried for future-me's wrinkles :O anyway, seriously how stupid.

Anyway so I randomly met Mr Beardo when I went to a cousin's place, whose place I NEVER go to, but randomly decided to agree to go to (basically what I'm trying to convey is, that its FATE babes). And then I saw him and was all like wow, you wouldn't look too bad as a handbag replacement in my arms mmmhmmm. He's all bearded and manly (Mr A is cute and geeky, but not very manly aka I would have to keep my natural emasculating side in check) and his mum wears hijab (well so does Mr A's mum, but its more like an Asian dupatta hijab vs. full on hijab) and he's like the oldest child, so he can like nourish me and shit (Mr A is the youngest child and might fight me for attention; #OnlyChildProblems). PLUS, I'm lil-bee and he's Mr-B. C'moooooon, signs?!

Lols, I kid. I'm not so excited over Mr-B, as much as I'm happy and relieved that my former fickle, love-myself-first person is back (almost) .. because I was really scared I lost her for a bit there. And if I can get over the 'love-of-my-life' Mr A, then I'm ready for the challenges ahead, tackling Mr B-Z.

Alhamdullilah. Whatever happens right? :)

Allow Canada though. Ugh.

Muchos lurve,


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