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Saturday, April 27, 2013 | 7:01 pm | Comment ⇢

Being migraine-free for a while now, I forgot how disabling it can be to everyday function. My body nicely decided to remind me exactly just how excruciating it can be through a variety of ways ... mere hours before I had to get down to do my last two essays. Thanks for that body, always showing me my limitations and pulling my down in crucial moments :) bitch.

I guess I'll have to remember that I can't do things I normally could have, and change my routine like those spontaneous people out there (not sleeping regularly is my spontaneity okay? Shut up.) who probably don't suffer from a chronic disease. I also need to remember the dates for migraine awareness because I definitely wanna participate in it this time as I feel that there is a lot of misconception and trivialising around the seriousness of migraines as many people dismiss it as 'just a headache' or see it as an excuse that women (while statistically more women suffer from migraine, this does not mean that men are immune to it) use to get away from doing things. I find that extremely rude and condescending, especially when I have problems come up from migraine but can almost see the person in charge not taking it seriously. You won't poke fun at other chronic illnesses like epilepsy (well you might if you're a douche) so I really don't understand why the same courtesy isn't extended to migraine. Ugh anyway, //end rant. 
I went and drugged myself up as I could feel it getting worse. Thankfully I could curb it with some NSAIDS (at the expense of my stomach lining) .. before it decided to come back :/ anyway baba couldn't find any Imigran at Tesco (pharmacy was shut) so he just got me those Migraine Cool Packs .. which do absolutely nothing for pain relief but did keep my head cool while I was doing my essays so :) 

I'm just glad its over and done with. Last minute but better than last year! Hopefully I can concentrate on my exams now! 

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