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criticism as praise
Thursday, April 25, 2013 | 5:11 pm | Comment ⇢
Some of my essays have been accused of taking too much of an economic stance. This is bad because my Masters is not in economics, but rather in the multidisciplinary field of development studies that encompasses economics along with a wide range of other subjects such as politics, sociology, history, geography, etc. It is kind of bad then, that I take that criticism as praise, (because I'm an econ fanboi) as it could lead to an imbalanced interpretation of issues in development that could lead to lower marks. Ah well.

Two more essays to do. I was doing the last essay I submitted, today at 8:30 am .. well, till 8:30 am. Then I went to sleep because I was going all cray-cray (you can see what lack of sleep does to me here) and 'woke' up at around 2 .. and by that I mean I was snoozing in and out (with some crazy ass weirdness in between where I was revising in my head / hallucinating about essays, etc.) and finally decided to just get up and work at 2 pm. Except its not 5 pm and I haven't really started my essay. I'm a perfectionist and also a procrastinator (a LPP as I like to say) so its really hard for me to rush and do these essays but I kind of have to now. Deadline is 11:59 pm tomorrow so I need to divide up and hand one in today and last one tomorrow. I handed in two essays earlier in the week, well one today (am) and another last night day dawn and I'm going a bit .. mental. Well more mental than usual.

Anyway I'm gonna go now because why the hell am I sitting here instead of doing my essay?

Usual random craziness for ya'll. 

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