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90210 lookalike at uni!
Monday, April 15, 2013 | 2:24 am | Comment ⇢
Any 90210 (the new remake) fans remember Mr Cannon (the guy who was about to molest Naomi in some season finale or something ... yes that was the last I had time / patience to watch)? Well a while ago (think months) I was watching a lecture by Professor Costas Lapavitsas (nope, still wasting time and being last minute AS PER USUAL and hating myself. It had nothing to do with my essay and I randomly remembered him while reading something by my super cool Marxist Canadian professor who swears and talks about protests and poutine [which what the hell, why don't we have?!] because he made us read lots of Costas for this seminar I once took) and thinking to myself .. he's kinda hot but looks oddly familiar, how do I know him? Have I run into him at university? Maybe he doesn't look so hot in real life before I would have DEFINITELY remembered running into him if he did ... and then at some point it clicked! Mr Cannon (who happens to be British) and Mr Costas look like twins! I mean obvs I prefer PROFESSOR (not Mr, soz) C but wow, don't you think the resemblance is canny?!

Mr Cannon & Mr (Professor) Costas. Click and tell me I'm right, betches. (Even if you don't watch the show, just go compare their faces or something anyway just because).

PS - I'm sorry for the number of brackets in this post. Also, my attention lasted literally 23 minutes before I spent 20 minutes wasting time I don't have. I'm such a waste in life. Really. Ugh. //self-hate.

PPS - Okay fudge that link and go watch his lecture cos he looks better there (I'm starting to think maybe I DID run into him and he looked like his picture than his video in real life but that can't be true plus his work is kinda complex and hot plus he's not just DR Costas, he's a fricking PROFESSOR).

PPPS - OMG this PS is epic! While I was writing this I thought hmm I swear Mr Cannon (the real actor man) is Turkish and Prof Costas is like Greek so I looked into it and omg I was right so like they could totally be lost brothers or something ... THEY LOOK SO ALIKE!

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